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Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands, many uninhabited, most lined in white beaches and coral reefs and covered with tropical rainforest. The main island, Tongatapu, is protected by lagoons and limestone cliffs. It’s home to the rural capital of Nuku'alofa, as well as beach resorts, plantations and the Ha'amonga ʻa Maui, a monumental coral gate from the 1200s.

Population: 108,020 (2017) World Bank
Currency: Tongan paʻanga
Official languages: Tongan, English

Tongan Victorian Association


The Tongan Victorian Association (TVA) was formed in November 2010. This was a result of various meetings by church and community leaders who all agreed that there is an urgent need to set up an association to represent the Tongan community here in Melbourne. It means, the TVA will represent and also the voice of the Tongan community to agencies, local, state and federal government. The main purpose of the association is to identify and address issues relevant to the Tongan community. Areas such as disadvantages in the Tongan community, finding pathways for young people in education, sport and employment and importantly preserving the Tongan culture and tradition within the community.


The association has been active in hosting Tonga Cultural days, youth rallies, youth forums, community meetings and information for the community. TVA is hoping to continue to serve the Tongan community especially our young people here in Victoria.


Current office bearers for TVA:


Chair – Rev. Feke Kamitoni (Uniting church)

Secretary – Rev. Sione Tu’akoi (Mafuaola SUTT)

Treasurer – Pastor Kaho Kanongata’a (Tongan Pentecostal church)

Public officer – Deacon Sani Halapio (Tokaikolo church)